About Us

The best way to buy and sell any car at the best price for everyone

turbu is a digital auction and listing platform for all types of cars, where users can buy and sell any car from other private party sellers or peers at the best price possible.

1. Buyers Pay Less

Buyers constantly pay less when buying a car from peers compared to traditional dealerships, avoiding unnecessary premiums, surcharge, and fees.

Auctions overcome the pricing problem through bidding, which lets potential buyers reveal their individual values of an item and eliminates long negotiation periods.

2. Sellers Get More

Sellers regularly receive more when selling a car via auction to other private peers compared to traditional dealerships. Traditional dealerships and other companies with instant cash-for-car offers would typically only value cars at 80% of the car’s true value.

Auctions allow sellers to set the rules of the selling process and assure that their car will be sold at true market value or above their reserve price, eliminating long negotiation periods.

3. We Welcome All Vehicles
There are no restrictions on what vehicles are listed on turbu – from daily commuters to trucks to enthusiast’s vehicles, you name it. All vehicles are welcome!
4. Easy to List
turbu makes it extremely easy to submit your car for auction or for sale. Just populate the listing details and relevant vehicle information and you’re set!